James + Co // 1 Year Baby Bundle Session // Botanical Gardens

And just like that, James is ONE!  It happens fast, ya'll.  

Scheduling sessions for the first year is easiest if you plan it from the get-go!  Let me help make it a priority and add you to my calendar throughout the year.  To see more of James' first year, click here: Newborn | 4 Month | 8 Month 

For more info on Baby Bundles, click here: Baby Bundle Info

Emma // 4 Month Baby Bundle Session // UGA North Campus

Rare sighting of Henry, Lucy & Wren // My Kiddos // Athens GA

As you can see below, being my kid is tough business.  I mean, every once in a while I make you brush your hair, put on clothes that *sort of* match and ask you stand in some pretty light.  It's rough, as well as tough.

In all seriousness, they were pretty cooperative and I'm so glad to have the photos.  I picked my favorite image of each kid, printed a 4x6 of it, put them all in one frame and put it on the shelf in the bathroom.  And now I get to see their adorable faces every time I walk in there.


Caroline // Personal Portrait // Athens, GA

It's not every day that you get to take photos of your friends.  Except it should be every day that you take photos of your friends.  I'm working on it, I promise.

Caroline and I met for a yummy breakfast at The Farm Cart at 1000 Faces and went around the corner to sit down and eat our messy biscuits and I commented on how pretty the light was.  Then I realized that my "real" camera was in the car!