The Mizes // At-Home Session // Athens, GA

These fine people are my neighbors!  When they asked me to take photos of them as a Christmas request from Ben's mom, I was so excited!  I showed up to their front porch and it immediately started sprinkling... but we couldn't reschedule so I set up an off-camera flash and got to work before the real rain started.

I couldn't be happier with these images; I love that each one of them looks just like my friends and they all showed up in their everyday clothes.  I hope I get to document them again next year!

The Smallings // In-Home Family Session

These lovely people are part of my neighborhood friend group.  I was just so excited to photograph them in their home (which I am very envious of; so adorable!). 

Working in-home sessions is one of my favorite kinds of sessions.  I really love to see everyones personalities and I think most people are most comfortable in their own homes and spaces.  Since being in front of a camera is uncomfortable it's nice to be surrounded by your own comfortable things and a space you enjoy.