Reeves Family // In-home Lifestyle Session // Athens, GA

Katy invited me over for dinner and a little lifestyle session documenting an evening at home. It was such a good time :-) Louisa greeted me at the door, followed by Camilla, Katy + Jared. Yard photos, followed by dinner, bath time (not pictured below, but adorable photos), story time and finally, bed.

As time goes by, and Facebook memories continue to show me photos from 9, 5 and 3 years ago, I’m constantly reminded that my kids are no longer babies and those moments that I thought were long and boring and repetitive, are no longer moments I live. The iPhone photos that I have are the only reminders, as my memory is short and new challenges replace the old. I am so glad to have the iPhone photos and to be reminded of the moments 9, 5 and 3 years later. Let me know if I can document your boring and repetitive days, because as soon as you think they will never end, they will.

More info on In-home Lifestyle Sessions can be found here.

Murphy // Newborn Baby Bundle // Athens, GA

I’m just a bit behind on sharing all of the fun sessions I get to document, because sweet Murphy is 3 months old already!! But, better late than never, right?

In-home sessions are always some of my favorite kind of sessions! They challenge me to see outside the box and document life in areas that are important to my clients. In-home newborn sessions are included in all of my Baby Bundles! I’m so looking forward to watching Murphy grow!

Miller Family // Regular Session // Athens, GA

The last time all of these lovely people were in front of a [professional] camera, Harper (youngest daughter) was a newborn. She just turned 8!! I was so excited when James text me and told me that he was going to surprise Lyndie with a photo session!

Lyndie and James and I went to Italy together a couple of summers ago (see photos from that trip here and pics of Lyndie + James in Italy, here) and we’d been trying to make a family session happen ever since. Time flies, ya’ll. But, we finally did it and I am so happy with the photos <3

Sara (me!!) + John // Married

Ya’ll.  Somehow an entire month has gone by and I’ve not posted a single photo of our wedding!

Today marks one month since we jumped over a broom, and to be honest, it’s been the best month.  Full of change and surprise and love and growth.

John and I met, a little over a year ago, on Tinder.  We were both bored of working 24/7 and wanted to entertain ourselves with going out and meeting new people.  I’d gone out with several people by the time I met John, and the dating was more to entertain myself and to see how many different places I could visit, than anything else.  I’d met funny guys, tall guys, guys that didn’t realize I was short.  I met men that were odd and some that bored me to tears.  I didn’t have any exceptions for people or relationships and I never thought I would find someone that “fit me just right” or was “the one”. 

When John and I matched, we messaged via Tinder for a few days and I announced that I had free time in the morning and I didn’t really want to go to a loud bar and yell at him.  So he asked me if coffee at 8am would work for me?  Yes. Yes, it would.  Our 8am coffee date turned into a slew of what we called Morning Dates.  We went hiking, we went to museums (all local), we drank a lot of coffee.  Before we knew it, we were spending all of our time together and I just couldn’t imagine my life without him.

John has an easy smile. He’s always kind and helpful. He’s a clean/neat freak and isn’t afraid of being wrong.  Every time he opens the refrigerator, he eats a baby carrot. He doesn’t walk on carpet with shoes and he manages to takes care of everyone around him while singing off-key lyrics to every rock song written.

He’s graciously let me rearrange the contents of his house no less than 4 times in the last few months and he’s gone without sleep to make my life easier at every turn.

We have big plans for our future; things like building businesses and turning our 5 children into capable adults.  We want to travel and invest in real estate.  We want to go hiking and lay in hammocks and love each other when neither of us feel like we deserve it.

We’re going to have a wedding celebration in April and we’ll get all fancy and invite all the people, but for now, it made the most sense to get married in the woods, jump over a broom and exchange rings.

After our fun in the woods, we took “engagement” photos with Logan and Casey downtown.  I’ll share those in another post.

Photo credit for all of the above images: Casey Elrod Photography