adeline & family

Adeline and her family are good friends of my family. We've been watching Adeline grow up for the last couple of years - and now she's turning three today! Happy birthday, Addie!

I had a REALLY hard time narrowing down my selection of images to post, so I forgive me for the many images :-)

Sarah, Adeline's momma, brought many, many outfits for us to play with and choose from; in this shot Addie didn't understand why she couldn't wear just her tights and shirt, so we put together this super fun outfit:

So, I think that the Converse shoes might be my favorite accessory!

Such a natural!

I know for a fact that I couldn't get a grown-up to pose this cute and natural with out any directions - yeah, all I did was ask Adeline to sit sideways and put her foot up.

Isn't this pretty? I forgot to mention above that we chose the COLDEST, WINDIEST day 0f 2008. The wind was SO cold - I can't say it enough - it was COLD! My lovely subjects don't look cold, but that's just because they are good!