Karis {6 month}

This cutie should have been blogged a couple (ok, maybe three) weeks ago; the time goes by too fast.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it :-)

But isn't she cute?  And can you believe how much she's grown since these?  It's quite amazing how quickly they change and grow.  Every time I shoot a new baby session I think 'Henry was this small?' and I can't really remember.  And it's so sad.  And I'm so glad that I have photographs.  Many that I didn't like when I took them, but today, just months later, I wonder what was wrong with me as the photos are adorable.  Anyway, enough of my reminiscing.  Here is Karis:

So, Lana, THANK YOU so much for your patience :-)  The rest will be online shortly...