five on friday.

On one of the blogs that I like to stalk, Life In Motion Photography, by Lyndsey Stradner, she tries to post a '10 on Tuesday' post every week.  Just 10 random things; good, bad, what's going on, personal stuff, work stuff.  I'm not sure about 1) coming up with 10 things once a week and 2) I didn't want to completely copy, so I'm going to go try and start a 'five on friday'.  Starting today!

1. I was able to eat lunch with Henry OUTSIDE today.  I don't know why that makes me so happy, but it did/does.  We grilled hamburgers.  Did you guys know that I can't eat just one thing?  So with our hamburgers, we had carrot sticks w/ranch dressing, green olives, potato chips and water.  Henry had some applesauce, too.  Not only did we get to eat outside, but it was warm enough to sit on the deck with the umbrella up!  

2. I get to 2nd shoot a wedding tomorrow for Courtney Goldman.  I'm pretty excited :-)

3. SWP has acquired 410 fans on Facebook!  I feel so honored.  Seriously.  Want to become a fan, too?  Click here: SWP Facebook

4. I visited Kat yesterday and while chatting, we heard a huge noise in the attic.  We couldn't decide if we should check it out or not.  Henry was adorable telling us all about the 'noise' and showing us where he'd heard it.  He kept looking out the window, pointing at the cars, wondering why were still in house.

5. For those of you that haven't heard.  I'm pregnant with baby number two :-)  I'm due in late October.  According to the initial ultrasound, I'm, 8 wks, 4 days pregnant (as of today).  As weird as it is, whenever I feel sick (about every hour or so) I have to eat to feel better.  Needless to say, I've been consuming vast quantities of food!  And trying really hard to make sure I put good, healthy food in my mouth :-)

Stay tuned for the sneak peek of the shoot I have of Miss Catherine this afternoon!