five on friday.

It's Friday already!  How has that happened?  

1. The past couple of days have been a celebration of Jeremy's birthday!  Wednesday night we went to an Atlanta Hawk's basketball game and yesterday we hung out and went to his dad's for dinner.

2. I've decided to plant a garden.  Of course, with my late planning it will have to be done sorta fast :-)  Sarah Baugh gave me this cool link:  Definitely worth checking out!

3. I would love to get this for Henry's, for his birthday.  I'm not sure I can afford both the sandbox and the sand to go in it!  But he would LOVE it.  

4. I have a couple of Once Like A Spark appointments in Atlanta on Saturday morning; does anyone want to come with and help?  Free lunch!

5. Sunscreen.  Does anyone LOVE a facial sunscreen?  I need to get something for my face (and body) that isn't full of chemicals and actually works.  Has anyone ever used the sunscreen that Jason Naturals makes?  I've heard good things about it.