European Floral Design -- Vendor Spotlight

I had an excellent visit with the ladies at European Floral Design!  They are next to be featured on my journey to highlight all the cool Athens wedding vendors :-)

I learned during my visit, that owner, Magdalena Williams, is very passionate about her work.  She is an accomplished florist, writer, stylist, and designer.

For the Brides:

1. European Floral Design (EFD) offers many rental items.  They feel that being able to provide a variety of different items helps with setting a specific mood for your wedding ceremony and reception.

2. Quality is of utmost importance.  I'm told that they run their operation like a well-oiled machine :-)

3. Experience. Magdelena has a ton of experience, both in design and business.

Now, a few images:


Left: Magdalena Williams, owner and designer.  Right: Jaye-Anna Wadlington, 4-year assistant.