six on saturday.

I think there might be something wrong with me!  Why can't I remember it's Friday?  Is it so hard?  Surely someone in my life mentions that it's Friday at some point that day :-)  I think I'll blame it on pregnancy.  Yay, that sounds good, don't ya think?

1. I bought plants and seeds for my garden!!  Yay!  I can't wait to plant them Monday...

2. This whole week was eaten up by my sessions at Hot Shots Dance Studio.  We photographed around 160 girls and I have to say that they were all so ADORABLE!   I'll post some of my very favorites (hopefully)!

3. Erin gave me a lesson this morning :-) I thought that she and I were 21 and 14 weeks pregnant.  But really we're 22 and 15 weeks; turns out that people refer to the week they are going into instead of the age of the baby?  I'm not sure I'm explaining this as well as she did, but I'm excited to say I'm 15 weeks pregnant instead of 14!  Yay!

4. The weather is so wishy-washy (or should I say spring-like).  Yesterday it was 85 and today, it's raining and COLD!  I guess it's a good thing I/we canceled my sessions for today.

5. Jeremy is ALMOST FINISHED with his last full semester of classes (5 classes this semester).  And after next week's Hebrew final, I WILL NEVER HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT HEBREW AGAIN!  Really, I will have to celebrate in some way :-)

6. Casey and I get to go to Mobile, AL for a OLAS wedding next weekend!  We're going to have a blast!!  Might be our first road trip since Henry's been born!

Caroline is *almost* finished with Ginn and Matt's wedding post; I cannot wait for everyone to see it!!  So pretty :-)