Eli {one year} -- sneak peek

As Thursday morning continued, Quinn and I headed to the Botanical Gardens for Eli's one year session.  I have to say, right now, since it's on my mind, just how cooperative Eli and his family were.  When we scheduled this session we knew we were risking heat, that it might be pretty warm and sticky, but we totally underestimated the extreme heat at 11 am!  By 12:10, everyone, including Eli, had sweaty hair and sweat soaked clothes.  And we weren't doing anything by standing around!!  Holy cow!  Misty, I know you are worried that we didn't get a single cute family picture, but we did, I promise!!  

So, if you have a session coming up and I suggest meeting at 7:30 am you now know why!!  Any later and it's just too hot!