five on friday.

1. Why are there so many spider webs in my house? I'm not a bad house keeper, but every where I look there are filmy spider webs. Yuck. 

2. The heat is so intense. Why is it that we don't remember it's going to be this hot every summer? I remember that it's going to be cold in February.  Henry and I have been stuck in the house and it's not fun. I feel like it's winter all over again. Yuck.

3. To all you organizers out there; if you find a permanent home for things, does that mean you will have a more organized house all the time? I've been trying so hard to find homes for things that haven't really had a home for the last five years and I have to say the house is looking good and I feel better.

4. I don't mind being pregnant. I'm not sick, I'm not overly tired or hormonal, but all I can think about is after the pregnancy and after the birth, I'm going to be stuck with HUGE breasts (yes, I love nursing, but I HATE the huge breasts), and a weird body that doesn't fit in anything. You're regular clothes don't fit (they're too small) and your maternity clothes don't really fit (too big and a weird shape) so your stuck with what??  A stupid situation, that's what. With Henry, I was able to wear skirts all summer until my normal body returned, but what am I going to do this time? It will be fall and too cold for skirts. Needless to say, I'm not going to be happy...

5. I've found a few new blogs to read; want to check them out?  You might like them...

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We've got a super cool and fun wedding on the books for tomorrow!!  Totally looking forward to it!!