five on friday.

Hello Blog Readers!

I feel, once again, that it's been several ages since I've last posted.  Technically, that's not true, as I just posted a few sneak peeks of the sessions I did right before Lucy was born.  But what I really mean is that it's been ages since I've written anything personal.  I'm pretty sure that I started a Five on Friday post exactly one month ago and in the middle I got interrupted (imagine that!) and never finished or posted it...  Story of my life!  

1. Lucy is two weeks old today - HOLY COW, does time fly!  I want to write a post about her birth, so in preparation for the post I went looking for images.  I hadn't looked at any of the birth images that Casey shot for me, until this afternoon and I have to say that it seems odd already to see myself with a HUGE tummy!  More about Lucy's birth later...

2. Henry is quite cute with Lucy.  He walks around telling us that 'Baby cute'.  And that 'Baby's eyes's open', whenever they are, which isn't very often ;-)  He likes to 'honk' her nose (gently squishes it -- Henry, Lucy and I have very squishy noses!), 'eat' her fingers and give her kisses every time he leaves the room or goes somewhere with Dad or James.  Lucy is very noisy and even when she isn't, Henry tells me 'Baby crying!'  He also offers her food whenever he eats then remembers that she can't eat it and tell me 'Baby, nurse'.

3. Jeremy's very best friend is living with us.  He moved in sometime around Labor day and will be here for awhile.  James has been living in Iowa City, Iowa for the last 5 years, but grew up in Americus with Jeremy.  They've been best buds since middle school and have traveled together all over the US.  Henry LOVES James.  They do a million fun things together and I haven't been quite sure what to do with all of the Henry-free time I've had!  

4. It's another good year for pecans!  We have 7 pecan trees in our yard and when the season is good, we have a Zillion pecans.  The 'guys', as Henry calls them, have been picking up pecans daily and we have several gallons!  And many, many more gallons on the trees!  

5. Lucy is sleeping in the Maya Wrap on my chest and is purring like a kitten.  Really, she is.  Silly girl :-)

6. Every year since Henry was born, Jeremy has obsessed (in a good way) about a Halloween costume for him.  And this year was no different.  Jeremy feels like a costume must be made from scratch and should be uber-cool.  Henry was a pirate as a 5 month old, Robin Hood as a 1 year old and this year he's going to be Woody/a cowboy!  Jeremy goes to great lengths for an authentic costume.  And I could really care less.  Aren't I mean?  I think they are adorable, but I just can't get into it for the entire month of October!  Lucy is going to be an indian with a hand-made 'dress' and a headband; she should be adorable!

7. I can feel my time running out, so i'm going to call it quits.  Happy Halloween!