five on friday.

Happy Friday!  How goes it today?  My day will consist of working, eating and cleaning.  Jeremy's sister, Shana, and her family are coming to town to visit.  They will be here the whole weekend :-)  A party is planned to celebrate Emma's 9th birthday!

1. Jeremy, Henry, Lucy and I went shopping yesterday.  We were on a mission to find a birthday present for Emma and somehow I ended up at the Gap.  I'm only admitting to purchasing a couple of shirts.  I really wanted a new pair of jeans, but that always involves trying on 12 pairs of the same jeans to find just the right ones and I just didn't have time for that :-)  Maybe next time...  Besides finding a few new 'shooting' shirts, we did get Emma a birthday present - a beach chair and a swimsuit cover-up!

2. Anyone heard of the special powers of Baltic Amber?  Word has it that it's the cure-all for teething.  I think I might have to try it :-)  Check out the website I found on it: Amber Artisans

3. It's official.  I'm making the switch to Nikon.  I borrowed Amy's Nikon D700 for the Big Shoot on Sunday and I was so pleased with my images.  98% of everything was in focus and sharp.  I didn't have to push the focus bottom a million times before it found what I wanted it to focus on and it STAYED focused on what I wanted it to focus on.  And the final images are beautiful :-)  I know that the moment I buy the D700, which I'm going to buy used, Nikon will offer a D800 with HD video.  My plan is to keep the D700 as a back-up :-)

4. Speaking of the Big Shoot, it was fabulous!  The weather might not have been perfect, but just wait till you see the Lookbook that Caroline has been working on all week.  Just gorgeous!

5. Lucy is going to be 5 months old in 4 days.  It's really quite amazing.  I'm still surprised when I look down and see my toes!  How did 5 months fly by?  She's just found her toes and is on the brink of rolling over from back to front.  She still loves to have her diaper changed and have a naked bum. I can. not. wait. for warm weather to get her so I can put the colorful, adorable dresses I have for her on her!