five on friday.

WOW. It's friday again - how does it happen so fast?

1. The art of healthy living is truly that.  An art, that you constantly have to work at.  Every time I think I'm doing something right, that I've read enough or learned enough, I read a blog post from Lyndsey or The Sweet Beet and I learn something new, something that makes so. much. sense. that I wonder how in the world I've gotten to be 29 without knowing it.

2. Why. Must. It. Rain. On. The. Weekend?  There are 5 perfectly fine days during the week that it could rain.  I'm pretty sure most people would agree that they would be fine with rain during the week.  We even need rain, I'm sure, but why Saturday and Sunday?  Doesn't Mother Nature know that I have sessions on those days?  That there are a million and two weddings every Saturday of the year?  How do people in Seattle deal with rain 300 days a year?

3. To all my photog friends, check out this site.  You'll be glad you clicked the link, I promise.

4. Henry has been going through a very trying stage.  He's tiring and ridiculous and cute and annoying and silly and trying and funny and smart and (way too) clever.  All you people out there with newborns?  Let me just tell you that they come out as easy as they are ever going to be...  I promise.  And I only have an *almost* 3 year old.  I can only imagine how trying a 13 year old is ;-)

5. Lucy, though, she is absolutely the cutest thing ever.  She's chubby and smiley and playful and adorable and content - really, she's just too cute.  Mom just bought Lucy and Micah these really cool teething necklaces - I've not taken a 'real' photo of them yet, but I caught a few photos of Lucy with it on my phone.  

6. While I watched Jeremy and Henry kick a ball around and 'fix' things, I took pics of Lucy and the pretty blooming flowers.  Henry doesn't like to look at me for photos, so there was only one of him...  He can only be caught with my 'real' camera :-)

*the photos with the black borders and rounded corners are from the Instagram app  *white borders from ShakeItPhoto app  *the rest are just SOOC :-) *oh, and Erin made the hat that Lucy is wearing