five on friday.

1.  So get this.  Henry is going to be 3 on Sunday.  Can you believe it?  I'm not sure I can, because I vividly remember his pregnancy and his labor/birth and after that it's pretty much all a blur ;-)  Isn't he cute:

2. Tomorrow starts my wedding season. I AM SO EXCITED!  All new equipment, a few new ideas to work on and a batch of amazing clients and venues!  Totally can't wait!

3. I've been reading this book.  And I recommend it to everyone.  Even if you think you're an organized soul (which I'm not) I think you'd get something valuable out of it.  Go check it out.  GO!

4. Today is Caroline's birthday!  Since I can't believe Henry is already 3, I really can't fathom how exactly Caroline got to be 19!  She's been taking some personal time lately and using it to take some really stunning photos.  She's posted a beautiful collection to her blog: Caroline La Rousse.  Happy Birthday, Caroline!!

5. Cute story.  The other night, I was standing in the living room, explaining a borrowed piece of equipment to Jeremy.  In the middle of my explanations, Jeremy gets my attention.  I stop mid-sentence and look down to see this:


She was listening to me like I was going to quiz her on how you use a BlackRapid camera strap :-) I'm so glad I had my camera handy!