five on friday

1. I've spent most of week working on this beautiful wedding. Many congrats to Anna & Darren!

2. Will someone please buy my house?  I want to move.  And I'd like someone else to do the packing!

3. Casey, Amy, Mom, Lucy and I went to a photography seminar a couple of weeks ago and I came home motivated!  I can't wait to put a few things into action!

4. The blueberries are ripe at Buffalo Creek Berry Farm!  This is the farm that Mom and all her LLL girls picked berries at last year.  And the berries were out-of-this-world fantastic!  Mom and I have had a countdown going for a couple of months and a stratagy for picking and freezing enough blueberries so that we can have some everyday for the next year.  Mom and the kids (Caroline and Quinn) have been picking twice, so far, but I've not made it over.  Hopefully, Kat, Amy, Casey & Cassie can make an outing of it with me, sometime next week.  I think we can still pick for another couple of weeks, so go get your pick on!  Oh, and the farm also has pick your own peaches!

5. I've been using my phone, a lot lately, to take photos of everything.  The kids, my food, the kids, my feet, the kids, yeah, just a lot of the kids :-)  But I've become addicted to Instagram.  I've found some cool people and friends to follow on it's stream of photos and I totally enjoy looking through everyone's snapshots of the day. If you'd like to follow my photo stream of my kids, my food and my feet, search for me as 'photochic'!