five on friday

Morning, Friends :-)

1. Right this very minute, (7:23am) I should be shooting an adorable maternity session.  But I'm not.  I was pouring rain and too dark to shoot.  Cross your fingers it will clear up in an hour...

2. We leave today to go to the beach for a week.  This is the 5th (i think) year, that Jeremy's family has been going to the beach together.  We've rented a big house on the beach and our only plans for the week is to sit on the beach, take naps and snap photos.  I usually bring my computer during these vacations, but this year I'm leaving it home. 

3. I've recently purchased and received a few KISS wedding albums.  I've gotta say, I love them!  I just updated a few links in INFO & WEDDING TIPS sections of the blog - check them out!

4. I've failed a bit on the whole One. Frame. A. Day. project.  Anyone else out there keeping it going?  I know I'll have plenty of images to put into my book, I just might have to use a few iPhone photos :-)

5. Lucy turns 9 months old today!  Last week she cut her first top tooth, bringing her tooth count to 3 - she's pretty cute when she smiles at you with just one big white tooth on the top :-)  She's a pretty impressive little thing; eating apples like a big girl and scooting around on her bum, standing at furniture and toys, talking and screeching in excitement everytime Henry does something silly.