happy birthday, mom.

Every day I wonder this: 'what would I do without Mom?'.  She has followed me around for hours, with both babies, while I've shot a wedding or shot a session or tried on clothes.  She listens to me blabber on and on, on the phone while I clean up the house or watch the kids.  She's driven me countless places while I sit in the back with a crying baby. 

Simply put, she's always there for me.  And I truly don't know what I'd do without her.  I do know, though, that I'd be in a rough spot ;-)

Thanks, Mom, for everything you do for me.  I'm so excited that I'm here, in Georgia, on your birthday this year!  Totally enjoyed the porch, the humidity, the lemon cake and the babies.  Hope you did too!

Lots and Lots of LOVE!

 * I stole this image from Caroline's blog *