five on friday.

It's Friday!  Looking forward to the weekend?  I am :-)  I have a free Saturday with plans to continue cleaning/rearranging and the best part - I get to hang out with Amy!  Sunday morning is a fun bridal session (yay!) at a soroity house on Milledge, which is going to be awesome!  Now, what do you guys have planned?  Anything fun?

On to my 5's....

1. All of you Instagram friends?  Did you see that Blurb has a cool new feature/software that allows you to get your photos directly from your Instagram account and pop them into a 7x7 book?  I'm making one - and since I just got a coupon for 25% off before August 31, I will be making one soon!  Thanks for the deadline, Blurb!

2. Anyone interested in being part of a Local Swap on Facebook?  My friend and fellow photographer, Julie Moon, has started a Group on FB for Athens, and I started one for Hartwell.  The concept is great (and all credit goes to Julie); you create a list of things that you'd like to have and then you take photos of the stuff that you want to get rid of and post the photos.  The idea is, that you can get anything you might need/want in used condition in exchange for something you have (or for money).  Let me know if you'd like to be added to the Hartwell Group and I'm sure if you're local to Athens, Julie will add you to the Athens Group :-)

3. Lucy is *almost* crawling!  Check her out is this adorable video:

4. A few favs from my iPhone recently :-)

5. Jeremy is headed to a job interview this afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed and offer up a pray that he gets the job!  The job is in Athens and he's super qualified for it :-)