five on friday.

A whole week as passed - where and how does the time fly?!  My five:

1. I'm drowning in stuff.  I hate stuff and would gladly give away most of the stuff in my house.  Excecpt all the stuff in the house doesn't really belong to me and some of the stuff is useful, but because the house is a bit limiting, it doesn't have a permanent home so it gets moved from one pile to the next.  There is so much stuff that I'm considering a yard sale (again).  Maybe labor day weekend?

2. Jeremy started a juicing diet a few weeks ago and it's really changed his life.  I'm quite proud of him for drinking vegetables and fruits only, for 6 days, and after that making sure that he's juiced at least once a day in addition to healthy foods. 

3. A selection of my favorite iPhone photos from this week:

4. My birthday is next week.  I'll be 30.  I'm not sure how I feel about that ;-)  If you remember, Micah was born on my birthday, so he'll be 1!  We have big birthday plans for Micah that involve fishing (for us big people), swimming, eating (my family loves to cook and eat!), and birthday cake (and ice cream!).  Casey and Jeremy have been trying to get me to choose something fun to do in celebration of my 30th, but I just can't decide what to do....  Anyone have any suggestions?  Casey has suggested Ziplining (too costly), horse back riding (she is terrified of horses, but will do it for me), shows at the Fox (sounds fun, but there isn't anything playing), camping (I LOVE to camp, but I wanted to go camping for Lucy's birthday) and many other things that I can't remember right now.  Anyone?  Have any other suggestions?  Or maybe I should be asking what did you do or what are you going to do for your 30th?

5. Oh, and for my birthday, I decided to have the windows in my Pilot tinted so that Lucy and Henry didn't have to fry in the sun while we drive.  And since I was tinting the windows, I figured I might as well have the car cleaned.  I used Bulldog Car Wash in Athens, and OMG, did they do a good job!  I'm telling you, between the tinting and the cleaning, my almost 5 year old car looks brand new!