five on friday.

Afternoon, y'all! 

1. It's my birthday :-)  I made my favorite muffins for breakfast, visited with friends, made myself lunch, instagramed with the babes and wrapped a couple of gifts for Micah - see below:

2. It's Micah's birthday :-)  He's one!  Wow, did that year go by fast?!  I'm such a dork, and after this story, you'll have no choice but to agree with me.  The other day I was doing something that required no thought (you know, like the dishes) and I wondered to myself, 'What did I do on my birthday last year? Surely, I did something, right?'  Fast forward a couple hours to the next mindless chore and I realized that, duh!, I was at the hospital with Logan and Erin and their nameless babe!!  Best birthday ever :-)  [But you will have to admit that I'm a dork, huh?!]

3. I'm proud of myself for sending out a newsletter two months in a row!  I find putting a newsletter together a bit hard.  I'm always unsure of what is news and what is interesting ;-) Did you get your copy?  If not, click here and check it out: September Newsletter  Want to get a copy everytime I send one?  Sign up here: Sign Up For Newsletter

4. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about original work.  Do you stalk blogs like I do?  Do you browse Pinterest looking for beautiful images and ideas?  I love looking at other people's images (the good, bad and wonderful).  I use them for inspiration and I use them for pose ideas.  But what I've been thinking about is why do I need others work as inspiration?  Why do I need someone else's photo to get a good pose?  Before websites and blogs, I never thought twice about other photographer's and who was doing what and how they were doing it.  I'm going to be the first to say that my work was not wonderful, but it was original :-)  I'm not going to quit following the photographers that I like, because I like what they write and I like looking at their perspective, but I am going to try to stop thinking about the last cool image I saw while I'm shooting.  I'm going to pay attention to what's right in front of me while I'm shooting and I'm going to make some original work!

5. My iPhone photos for the week:

Some of these iPhone photos have been taken for a photo challenge that I've been participating in on Instagram.  Want to join?  One is a 30 day challange with prompts and one is for the month of September, again with prompts.  The September challange was created by a photographer up north; check her out here: Kelly Decoteau  I think it's going to be fun!