five on friday

Hello!  How goes it?

My supposed-to-be-weekly Five on Friday, coming right up!

1. I'm not sure if I've ever loved a program more than I love Adobe InDesign.  A few years ago at WPPI, I accidently stopped at a booth called H20 Creative.  The couple that ran things at the booth was young and cute and so friendly you couldn't just walk by with a smile and a nod.  So, I stopped to chat and learned that photographers have been using the wrong program for album design.  Yes, they told me, you could save hours and hours of frustrating design time if you learned how to use Adobe InDesign.  Adobe created this program specificly for designing documents and books.  Why would you use anything else?  At the time, I wasn't doing my own album design, Caroline was doing it and she had access to InDesign, so she learned about it and started using it.  When I realiazed that I would  be doing my own album design, I purchased this set of tutorials (I highly recommend anything from this lovely couple!), bought my own copy of InDesign and got to work.  After many hours working on my new wedding PDF, I've become quite good at it.  And I really enjoy the work :-)

2. I've been missing my friends.  I've not seen Casey in over a month and she's been busy and not feeling well, so I've not even talked to her much.  Amy has been busy, too, and although we had lunch last week, I still feel like I've not seen or talked with her in ages.  Kat, I've not seen in a few months - I don't even know what she's been up to!  Girls, we must get together :-)

3. I've booked 3 more weddings for 2012 and I'm so excited!  My total wedding goal for 2012 is 15 weddings, so I'm not far from my mark!  

4. It's been awhile since I've shared any iPhone photos, and since everyone that follows the blog probably doesn't follow me on Instagram, I'm going to post some from the last couple of weeks here :-)

1. Henry helping 'fold' the laundry | 2. a huge screaming fight over a shovel | 3. Lucy cuteness

1. going for a walk | 2. Lucy 'blowing' her nose. I had a cold and she saw that action a lot! | 3. a lovely latte

1. Lucy telling me what to do | 2. Henry's shovel full of 'gold'! | beautiful clouds

Happy Friday, everyone!