Five on Friday

1. Alexandra Frazen.  How cool is she and all the work she does?  I'm so impressed!  All of my friends will probably be hearing about her for some time to come! 2. I bought this monthly planner a week or so ago, and I am in love with it!  It was exactly what I was looking for and it's going to be a life changer for me.  Being able to make appts for things like editing and blogging is going to be wonderful!  No more feeling like I don't have enough time in the day, or doing things I "want" to do instead of editing or blogging.  Now, as soon as I schedule a session or wedding, I'm able to add the post work right onto the calendar and I'll know when it's supposed to be done and when I can or can't book something else!

3. Congrats is in order for my middle brother, Griffin!  He and his girlfriend have gotten engaged!!  I'm so happy for them -- they've found the real thing and they are going to make each other happy for a long, long time!  I'm looking forward to shooting their wedding :=)

Griffin and Maren (shot Feb 2013)