Five on Friday

Hi!  I hope you guys are enjoying your week!  I write this on a Thursday morning, almost a week later than I had hoped. 1.Last Monday, I walked into the office to find my computer's screen completely white and acting odd.  I managed to get it to restart and I tried to do my usual work, but it was moving in sloooowww motion and I ended up calling Apple Care to see what was wrong.  After an hour on the phone and many tricks later, I had to leave to go shoot.

The next day, I came back to the office and I was shocked to see that the computer seemed to be working fine.  Yay, I thought, I get to work!  I worked about 20 minutes and the computer just shut down.  Shut down in the middle of editing and I got back on the phone with Apple Care. Two hours later, I had reinstalled the operating system and left for another shoot, crossing my fingers that when I came back the next morning, all would be fixed.

No such luck.  I came back the next day to a white screen and I immediately took the computer to PeachMac.  The kind guy at PeachMac ran a few tests and announced that my hard drive was a goner.  What they thought would be a quick fix took 5 days!  AGH!  By Monday morning, one week later, I had shot several sessions and a birth.  So, needless to say, I'm a bit behind in the culling-editing-photo department! If you've been hoping to see a preview of your session, please be patient!  I want to see them and edit them and post them as much as you want to see them!

2. On top of a missing computer, I got a sinus infection.  Which meant that  was moving in slow motion, too.  After a few days of ridiculous behavior, Jeremy forced to go to the doctor.  Two days later, I was much improved and have been feeling pretty much normal!

3. I started out 2013 with a goal of booking 15 weddings (to be photographed in 2013) and I'm happy to say that I've met and exceeded my goal! I'm currently at 17 and have high hopes for booking more :-)

4. My best friend, Casey, has been working very hard on a new website.  You should check it out -- it's pretty fantastic!

5. My favorite Instagram's from the last couple of weeks: