Megan {bridals}

Oh, what a gorgeous woman, Megan is!  We had the best time with this session and I've been DYING to show it off!  Megan got married last weekend, so I'm now allowed to show everyone her bridal session. saggus_bridal003saggus_bridal004saggus_bridal005saggus_bridal006saggus_bridal007saggus_bridal008saggus_bridal009saggus_bridal010saggus_bridal011saggus_bridal012saggus_bridal013saggus_bridal014saggus_bridal015saggus_bridal016saggus_bridal017saggus_bridal018saggus_bridal019saggus_bridal020saggus_bridal021

These were shot in Lincolnton, GA where Megan lives.  Bouquet, headpiece and lovely chair were designed and provided by Ever Thine Vintage + Event Design.