Emma & Eli {kids}

I haven't posted images of my niece and nephew in ages!  And boy have they grown!  When we went to Hilton Head in early July, I made a point to photograph everyone.  Emma, who is now 12 (how did that happen so fast!?!?), was quite eager to have a photo shoot and I loved every minute of photographing her silly, adorable self :-) swp_griffin001swp_griffin002swp_griffin003swp_griffin004swp_griffin005swp_griffin006swp_griffin007swp_griffin008swp_griffin009

The next few require an explanation :-)  As we started to discuss a photo-shoot, Emma immediately began teasing me and telling me that she was going to do all of these silly poses whenever I picked up the camera!   As a joke, we had to do a series of these "silly" poses :-)swp_griffin010swp_griffin011swp_griffin012swp_griffin013swp_griffin014swp_griffin015swp_griffin016swp_griffin017

Eli didn't really want to have a photo-shoot.  He wanted to play and tried really hard to get out of it...  BUT, his mom and I bribed, I mean, talked him into :-)  Unfortunately, the light was not nearly as pretty as it was the evening before when I shot Emma, but we were still able to get some good images!