Camille {1 Year}

I have loved being a part of this lovely family for more than 7 years!  I hope I get to see them semi-regularly for next many years :-)  Now that Camille is 1, I won't get to see them *all* the time anymore (so sad for me!), but hopefully it won't be years until I get them in front of my camera again! swp_head1yr001 swp_head1yr002 swp_head1yr003 swp_head1yr004 swp_head1yr005 swp_head1yr006 swp_head1yr007 swp_head1yr008 swp_head1yr009 swp_head1yr010 swp_head1yr011 swp_head1yr012 swp_head1yr013 swp_head1yr014