Five on Friday

  1. I'm working on a manifesto.  A shorter version of this. Or this.
  2. Caroline and I rescued cats from the Athens Humane Society last week and it's been quite entertaining to live with cats.  The only cat experiences I have are the barn cats we had on our small farm in the flat lands of midwestern Ohio when I was 15.  Let me tell you, its not the same thing.
  3. athens children photos

    Henry has big plans to sell his art work.  Large drawings are $10, medium drawings are $8 and small drawings are $5, all decided on his own.  He's also created business cards, which he calls 'logos' and has handed them out to all of his teachers at school.  If you're interested, hit him up.  He draws a lot of homes, trees, people and Auburn logos.

  4. You know how I've become obsessed with living with less and making sure I live with only things that bring me joy?  I somewhat-recently read/listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and I really loved it and her message.  I've been on a living-with-less kick for many years and I didn't have bags upon bags of things to get rid of, but I learned a lot and highly suggest you read (or listen) to it.  There are always ways to improve and learn.
  5. Major props to my not-real-life friend Katelyn James. She has reached the level of business where she's teaching what and how she's been successful and I'm super proud (and a tad jealous ;-)) of her. I've been following her work and blog for a very long time and I'm so impressed with all that she's done.  All that she's made happen for her and her husband.  And all that she will continue to make happen. Go Katelyn!