Murphy // Newborn Baby Bundle // Athens, GA

I’m just a bit behind on sharing all of the fun sessions I get to document, because sweet Murphy is 3 months old already!! But, better late than never, right?

In-home sessions are always some of my favorite kind of sessions! They challenge me to see outside the box and document life in areas that are important to my clients. In-home newborn sessions are included in all of my Baby Bundles! I’m so looking forward to watching Murphy grow!

Joseph // Hospital Session // Athens, GA

One of the perks of committing to a Baby Bundle is a free Hospital Session! Just send me a text and I’ll drop in while you’re still in at the hospital to document the sweet bundle of joy you just delivered :-)

Gann and Joe are working with for their 2nd baby and 2nd Baby Bundle and I am SO excited to see them regularly again! The longer I work with people the more comfortable they become with me and my camera and it’s just the best!

Stay tuned to see Jospeh grow! And if you’re curious, you can see his sister’s Baby Bundle here: Newborn // 4 Month // 8 Month