Caroline // Personal Portrait // Athens, GA

It's not every day that you get to take photos of your friends.  Except it should be every day that you take photos of your friends.  I'm working on it, I promise.

Caroline and I met for a yummy breakfast at The Farm Cart at 1000 Faces and went around the corner to sit down and eat our messy biscuits and I commented on how pretty the light was.  Then I realized that my "real" camera was in the car!  


Krystle // Personal Portrait // Athens GA

WhenI decided to start shooting Personal Portraits, I never thought there would be such a demand for them.  I am so grateful and excited that people continue to hire me to document their lovely beings.

Krystle is a lawyer that teaches at UGA and is about to start a business called Your Brave Box.  I'm looking forward to following her success! 


Major shout out to Boulevard Property Management for letting us shoot at their building!! It's utterly amazing and you guys were so kind to move your car :-) 

Jessica // Personal Portrait // UGA North Campus

In my opinion, there's a lot of ways you can use a Personal Portrait; LinkedIn, Social Media, email signatures, blog content.  A good way to make sure your grandchildren know what you looked like in 2017... the list is endless :-) 

Jessica hired me because she's a new graduate from UGA's Terry College and wanted some Graduation photos, but you'll see that she also agreed to some photos that she could use in all those ways I listed above, lol!  

More info on Personal Portraits can be found here