Clair Muller

Through a friend, I got this cool assignment.  To photograph Clair Muller.  She is running for City Counsel President of Atlanta, and needed some photography for her campaign.  I was really excited about getting the job and learning a few new things (everyone knows I love to learn, right?).  Thursday, we was the second and final shoot for the project.  I'm going to share just a couple of my favorites.  



Ansley, Christina and Sarah {just because}

These fine ladies have been participating in my current photography class and last night I did a 'mini' session with each of them, just for the fun of it, out in the yard at mom's house, during class.

AnsleyAnsley, again. This might be my favorite :-)ChristinaChristina, again. Definitely my favorite SarahSarah, again. Sarah, I can't decide which I like of you better - they might be equally pretty!  Girls, I hope you've enjoyed your photography class experience!!!  I'm looking forward to next week.  Happy shooting!