Athens GA

Everly // Newborn Baby Bundle Session

Welcome to the family, Everly! As you can see, Everly is not a typical age for a "newborn" session; she's 2 months old here, but her family still wanted photos!! 

Baby Bundles are a great way to guarantee that you'll have photos of your baby's first year.  The most common thing to do is to document the following stages; Newborn, 4 Month, 8 Month and 1 Year.  As you can see above, you don't have to follow the "normal" schedule!  Just call me and we'll make a schedule work for you!  For more info on prices and what to expect, click here.  For more photos, click here.

Harrison P. {1 Year}

So sad that this session wrapped up Harrison's Baby Bundle!  I will MISS seeing Mary +Jarrod and Harrison every few months!  They better have another baby soon ;-) swp_prickett1yr001 swp_prickett1yr002 swp_prickett1yr003 swp_prickett1yr004 swp_prickett1yr005 swp_prickett1yr006 swp_prickett1yr007 swp_prickett1yr008 swp_prickett1yr009

See more of this cutie's year here, here, & here!

Fall Mini Sessions -- Only 2 Left!

Hello Friends :-) I debate every year whether or not I want to offer mini sessions.

On one hand I enjoy seeing my client-friends and I love knowing that those client-friends are going to use a pretty photo for their Christmas cards and Christmas gifts to Grandma.

BUT, on the other hand, I know that a mini session isn't the same as a regular session.  There isn't enough time for families to get comfortable with a camera in their face.  There isn't enough time to visit more than one location.  There isn't time to experience professional photography.  A lot of people haven't been in front a professional photographer's camera in many, many years and because it's been so long, they don't know how things work these days.  They think professional photography equals stiff poses wearing clothes they are uncomfortable in.  But it's not that any more (thank goodness!) and I LOVE to show new clients what professional photography has morphed into over the last 10 years.

I love when I have the time to get to know the people in front of my camera.  I love to show them that a session means family time.  It means laughter and hugs.  It means cool poses and different light.  It means spending time with those that you love.  Smiling.  Laughing.  Feeling pretty and put-together.

And being able to experience a real, full length session is something that everyone should try.  It's an experience that I can't offer people in 20 minutes.

So, this year, instead of no mini sessions at all, I'm offering mini sessions to past or current clients only.  That way I know those that I'm working with (because they've had the full, regular session sometime in the not-so-distant past) and I will feel comfortable knowing that they know how I usually work and will not judge me and my session experience on 20 minutes.  For those of you that might like a regular session for this fall season, I will be glad to offer a New Client discount on my session fee for sessions booked between now and the end of October.  Act quick, if you'd like a $25 savings on a Regular Session!

The Details: I have 2 sessions available on Monday, November 11th. 4:00 and 4:40  All other time slots have been filled.   The sessions are on a first paid, first served basis. Cost is $150 per session.

Each session includes 20 minutes of photography, in one location, and one (1) digital file ($60 value) with personal copyright.

All sessions will be in Athens, GA.

An in-person sales session is required and will be scheduled at the time of booking. Proofs and digital file will be ready by November 21st.

The Fine Print: *this promotion is only for current or previous clients. *this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. *mini sessions are only available on the dates listed above.