Athens GA Baby Photography

Everly // Newborn Baby Bundle Session

Welcome to the family, Everly! As you can see, Everly is not a typical age for a "newborn" session; she's 2 months old here, but her family still wanted photos!! 

Baby Bundles are a great way to guarantee that you'll have photos of your baby's first year.  The most common thing to do is to document the following stages; Newborn, 4 Month, 8 Month and 1 Year.  As you can see above, you don't have to follow the "normal" schedule!  Just call me and we'll make a schedule work for you!  For more info on prices and what to expect, click here.  For more photos, click here.

Emory {1 year}

Can you believe Emory is 1?!? Where does the time go? If I only knew... Getting to know Amanda and Robee and Emory over the last year has been so wonderful!  Making friends that I enjoy through my work is just so cool.

Want to see Emory grow?  Here she is in her pretty mommy's tummy: Maternity, as a tiny Newborn, 4 months, 8 Months and now:


Emory was teething like crazy the day we took these photos and she wasn't at all excited to lay on the bed and smile, so she threw herself on the floor and stared at me!  Cracks me up how dramatic a 1 year can be :-)  That image above is one my favorites.