Athens GA Family Photography

Emory // 2 Year Mini Session // Ashford Manor

Sometimes all you need is a Mini Session; I totally get it.  Your kids just don't have the patience to be in front of camera for more than a few seconds at a time or you (or your husband) really hate to be in photos.  I feel ya!  But time goes by so fast that if you don't make a tiny bit of time for a session it will never happen and before you know it your 1 year old will be 2 or 6 or 10 and you won't have any photos.  

Mini Sessions are usually reserved for families that I've worked with before.  They know how it goes, they spend a lot of our session talking (LOL, no extra charge for that!) and I love to check in with all my people once or twice a year.

Amanda, Robee and Emory were one of my Baby Bundle clients a couple of years ago and it was so nice to see them again! Emory hasn't changed a smidge; still never stops moving, stubborn and adorable.  She always keeps me on my toes!  Amanda and I can barely stop talking long enough to take a few photos and Robee is such a good sport, chasing Emory and trying to keep up with our converstaion :-)  I'm already looking forward to seeing them in the fall!

Evie // 4 Month Baby Bundle Session // Athens GA

Beckett {newborn}

Morning, Friends!! I hope everyone is doing well :-) Beckett is *almost* 4 months old!  I have no idea where the time has gone, but say hi to newborn Beckett:


Maddie + Owen + Co. {family/maternity}

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