Athens GA Photographer

Adam // Personal Portrait // UGA North Campus

I think I tell my friends more often than I write it, but I love nothing more than to show someone that they are indeed photogenic.  Because I believe that everyone deserves to look like themselves in a photograph.  And one of the tricks to making sure you look like you is to make sure you are comfortable in my presence.  To make conversation. To put you at ease.  Besides the technical bits of light and camera settings and posing, I'm really quite good at making someone feel comfortable.

I showed Adam the back of the camera while we were shooting (I don't always let people peek), so he could give me an opinion on his hair or his clothing and he was just amazed at what he saw. He actually liked a photo of himself!   Don't get me wrong, he's adorable in real life, but I assume he didn't see himself the way I did ;-) Needless to say, he made my day!

Interested in your own Personal Portrait session? Awesome.  More info on Session options here.

Smith Family // Family Session // State Botanical Gardens

The Smiths and I go way back.  Christina first became a friend of my mom's when Cora (eldest daughter), was a baby and I remember sitting in my very first office (in Hartwell, circa 2003) doing computer work while Mom told me all about the most adorable baby named Cora.  Over the years, Christina and I became friends, too.  Jasper (eldest son) and Henry are about the same age and as our families have grown, we've managed to spend some quality time together.  

I am always so thrilled when my friends ask me to take photos for them.  It's just so much fun :-) 

We shot this session in April, long after everything turned green and looked like spring, but we had originially planned to shoot in late January, so everyone's clothes (that coordinated so well) had the look of winter and not spring, so I intentionally found spaces at the State Botanical Gardens that looked less springy and more wintery.  


chatbooks I love Instagram.  I've been posting iPhone photos of my life, family, and interests to Instagram since 2010.  I love looking back on the images I choose to take, post and write about.  I love seeing my kids grow.  I love remembering the very silly things that they do everyday.  But how often do you scroll through your Instagram feed?  Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed?  Will your kids ever see the images you've posted?  I mean, your kids aren't on Instagram or Facebook everyday!  My kids love to see the pictures I take and they love to take pictures themselves.

I know how quickly life passes by and I would hate to lose the digital files of all the images I've snapped on my iPhone over the last 7 years and while I have them "backed-up" to a hard drive and a cloud, that is not the best way for family and friends to see the images as the years go by.

Let me introduce you to Chatbooks!  They are the cutest 6x6 paper photo books!  They have a lot to offer, so check them out, but I have a book subscription of my Instagram feed.  Every 60 images (the maximum size) they print a new book of my Instagram posts/images for me and ship it to me.  I'm up to 53 books!!

If you have a lot of photos on Instagram and can't afford to print 50 books at one time, they have options to print your series slowly (which is what I did). And then, when you're all caught up to present time, they ship you a book every 60 images.  Super awesome!

Print your Instagram photos! Use this code to get a free book! HXN4NAJY

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Kristen {personal portrait}

I had the pleasure of working with Kristen at Broad 9A all summer and fall and learning all about her business, Let Us Compost!  She is passionate about making a difference in our world by "starving the landfill" and creating new, nutrient-rich soil from our compostable waste.  Go check her out! chase street warehouses portrait photos