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Camilla // Newborn Baby Bundle Session // Athens GA

As you scroll through the photos, you'll see that Katy and I aren't the only ones that became fast friends.  Louise warmed up to me super fast at their Maternity session, which is pretty typical for me.  Most kids really like me -- just call me a Baby Whisperer, lol! 

At Camilla's session, Katy had to work really hard to keep Camilla from screaming through the whole session so I got a lot of one-on-one time with Miss Louise and let me tell you, she is freakin' adorable.

Camilla finally gave up the fight and let us take some sleeping (read happy) photos :-) 

Camilla // First 48 Baby Bundle Session // St. Mary's Hospital

One of my favorite things to do for my Baby Bundle clients is to visit them in the hospital and take a few quick family photos with their brand new baby! I was so glad that Katy was able to make a visit with me happen!


chatbooks I love Instagram.  I've been posting iPhone photos of my life, family, and interests to Instagram since 2010.  I love looking back on the images I choose to take, post and write about.  I love seeing my kids grow.  I love remembering the very silly things that they do everyday.  But how often do you scroll through your Instagram feed?  Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed?  Will your kids ever see the images you've posted?  I mean, your kids aren't on Instagram or Facebook everyday!  My kids love to see the pictures I take and they love to take pictures themselves.

I know how quickly life passes by and I would hate to lose the digital files of all the images I've snapped on my iPhone over the last 7 years and while I have them "backed-up" to a hard drive and a cloud, that is not the best way for family and friends to see the images as the years go by.

Let me introduce you to Chatbooks!  They are the cutest 6x6 paper photo books!  They have a lot to offer, so check them out, but I have a book subscription of my Instagram feed.  Every 60 images (the maximum size) they print a new book of my Instagram posts/images for me and ship it to me.  I'm up to 53 books!!

If you have a lot of photos on Instagram and can't afford to print 50 books at one time, they have options to print your series slowly (which is what I did). And then, when you're all caught up to present time, they ship you a book every 60 images.  Super awesome!

Print your Instagram photos! Use this code to get a free book! HXN4NAJY

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