Athens Photographer

Samuel + Co // Newborn Baby Bundle Session // Athens, GA

I feel like I repeat myself a lot, but I just love working with my regular clients.  I started working with Niway and her family when Rafael was about 4 months old and it's been so much fun getting to know them.  They recently added another sweet baby boy to their family and documenting his sweet newborn days was such a pleasure.  Raphael was so, so cooperative and helpful!

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Mojock Family // Large Family Session // Athens GA

Bertille + Joe // Couple Session // Athens GA

You know, I work at Cheeky Peach, right? Well, I do.  I have so much fun taking photos of all the cool clothes and adorable models. Bertille also works for Cheeky Peach and is the lady behind all the marketing and online presence.  She needed some photos for her immigration paperwork (she's French) so we met up for a quick little session with her husband and adorable little puppy!


James + Co // 4 Month Baby Bundle Session // Athens GA