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Photography Classes

saraloganworkshop photos Logan and I are teaching a lot of photography classes this fall!  We are so very excited to be able to add teaching photography to our schedule on a regular basis.  We taught our first photography class together last month and we had a really great time (the photos are from that class)!  All of our scheduled class will be at the very awesome Broad 9A.

saraloganworkshop photos

The first class I want to tell you about is our Into to Photography class.  It's all about how to use a DSLR camera in semi-manual mode, the basics of composition, lighting, tips and tricks to make your camera work harder for you and a tiny bit about post-workflow.  For more information and to register, click over to Broad9A's website.   The next class starts September 3rd!

If you've taken our Intro to Photography (or Basic Photography) class, then this next class is for you!  The next class is our Intermediate Photography workshop.  It will be a one-day class packed full of very valuable information.  Learn how to completely shoot in Manual Mode, fine-tune your metering methods, posing people/things, natural reflectors and finding "good" light, post-workflow and editing!  For more information and to register, click over to Broad9A's website. The next class is September 5th!

Sage + Co {1 year session}

The world is a really small space, you know?  It always amazes me when I see the truth behind the whole "6 degrees of separation" theory.  I was introduced to Ashley and Charlie through my friend, Carolyn.  Her neighbors are Charlie's parents and they contacted me to set up a family session for Ashley and Charlie as a birthday gift to them and Sage.  As soon as Ashley and I start chatting at the beginning of our session, she asks me if I know Chris + Anna; she worked with Chris at IHOP Atlanta a fews ago!  So strange our connections!  And so much fun! happy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy family of three with doghappy family of three with doghappy family of threehappy family of threehappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girlhappy little 1 year old girl

Life was CRAZY...

Hi Ya'll. Just as I thought I had things under control, things blogged into the future and a grip on my sessions, every member of my immediate family got sick.  Thankfully, I am well and have been well, but Jeremy got shingles, Henry got strep and Lucy and Wren got stomatitis (mouth sores and fever).  And poof, there went all my control, all my blogging, all my editing.  I brought my computer home to "work", but mainly I just stared it from my chair, wishing I could use it.

As of today, all the kids are well and Jeremy is slowly recovering.

I'm trying my darndest to keep a positive attitude about getting things done and prioritizing what's important, what my deadlines are and making sure that when I work, I work.  So, if you're a client, please know that I've not forgotten you and that I will blog, email or finish whatever it is you're waiting on.



Annual Beginner's Photography Class

I will be teaching my annual photography class for beginner photographers coming up in October!!  This class is for anyone that wants to learn how to use their digital SLR camera in Manual Mode! Would you like to learn the following things about your camera?

* Learn how to set-up your camera so that it gives the best images possible!

* Learn what each setting is and why you don't really need all of them!

* Learn how to make sure you can see your subject instead of the sky or background!

* Learn the basics for Manual Mode and why it's the best way to produce the photos you love!

* Learn how to capture the best photos of your kids or pets!

Want to know the details? Great!

Where: SWP Office* (in Global Escapes house) in Five Points, Athens, GA When: Thursdays evenings, 6:30-8:30pm, October 10th - November 7, 2013 Cost: $200 per student

To make sure that you get your questions answered and a lot of personalized attention, there is only room for 8 students, so sign up fast by emailing sara[at]!


*Office address: 697 S. Milledge Ave, Suite 400, Athens GA 30605 -- upstairs office, 2nd door on RT!