Broad Collective

Photography Classes

saraloganworkshop photos Logan and I are teaching a lot of photography classes this fall!  We are so very excited to be able to add teaching photography to our schedule on a regular basis.  We taught our first photography class together last month and we had a really great time (the photos are from that class)!  All of our scheduled class will be at the very awesome Broad 9A.

saraloganworkshop photos

The first class I want to tell you about is our Into to Photography class.  It's all about how to use a DSLR camera in semi-manual mode, the basics of composition, lighting, tips and tricks to make your camera work harder for you and a tiny bit about post-workflow.  For more information and to register, click over to Broad9A's website.   The next class starts September 3rd!

If you've taken our Intro to Photography (or Basic Photography) class, then this next class is for you!  The next class is our Intermediate Photography workshop.  It will be a one-day class packed full of very valuable information.  Learn how to completely shoot in Manual Mode, fine-tune your metering methods, posing people/things, natural reflectors and finding "good" light, post-workflow and editing!  For more information and to register, click over to Broad9A's website. The next class is September 5th!

Beginner's Photography Class!

001-beginners-photography-class Logan and I are teaching a photography class!!! Read all about here:

This is for those of you that would like to just get your know your DSLR a little bit better!  We'll help you set up your camera for success, using built-in functions that go a long way to helping you create a great image.  We'll also talk about composition, light and workflow!

The first class is this coming Tuesday, July 7th!  Sign-up via the link above!