Chase Street Warehouse

Reeves Family // Maternity Baby Bundle Session // Chase St Park Warehouses

Katy is one of the most candid people that I've worked with and I love it.  She always just says what's on her mind and asks me the hard questions :-) 

She has hired me to document her second daughter's 1st year, starting with a maternity session.  When she called to chat with me about what a Baby Bundle included and make plans for the following year, we had an adorable conversation about life, love and kids. We will be friends forever.


Kristen {personal portrait}

I had the pleasure of working with Kristen at Broad 9A all summer and fall and learning all about her business, Let Us Compost!  She is passionate about making a difference in our world by "starving the landfill" and creating new, nutrient-rich soil from our compostable waste.  Go check her out! chase street warehouses portrait photos

Cooper {8 Month}

chase street warehouses family photos This little guy really gave me a run for my money!  Stubborn! Much more interested in books, doors, handles and water bottles!