Cortona Italy

The Kilpatricks // Family Session // Cortona, Italy

I really only cared about one thing during this trip to Italy.  I wanted to take portraits of my dear friends while I was in there, in their home-away-from-home.

Luck would have it that we would take these photos on Mackenna's 6th birthday!  I know it's not everyones idea of fun, but it will be lovely to look back at the images and know that Mackenna turned 6 the day they were taken.


Lyndie + James // Couple Session // Cortona, Italy

It all started when Rhia said, we're living and teaching in Italy next summer, so you should plan to visit us.  I thought, no way can I afford to do that, but I'll try! Because how often do your best friends LIVE in Italy and invite you to stay with them?  The more we talked about it the more I thought I just had to make it work out. Over dinner one evening, I mentioned to Lyndie and James that I was going to Italy to visit Rhia and Jeff and James exclaimed that they should go, too.  10 minutes later, we had decided to take off work, pick some days in July and make arrangements to go together! 

I am so grateful for their companionship during our trip.  We experienced some really great things, walked many, many miles and learned a lot about Italy and each other.  One of things that I really wanted to do while we were there, was taking portraits of Lyndie and James and Rhia and Jeff and their kids.  Below are my favorites of Lyndie and James.  I'll make another post with the images of Rhia and Jeff's family.