Danielsville GA Photography

Josiah {4 Month}

Oh, how I love my baby bundlers!  This is probably the 12-15th time/session that I've shot for Brandy and Josh, which I think is so, so cool!  Aurie had a great time showing me around and posing for photos this time round! chandler_4m0001swp_chandler_4mo001swp_chandler_4mo002swp_chandler_4mo003swp_chandler_4mo004swp_chandler_4mo005swp_chandler_4mo006swp_chandler_4mo007swp_chandler_4mo008swp_chandler_4mo009swp_chandler_4mo010swp_chandler_4mo011swp_chandler_4mo012swp_chandler_4mo013swp_chandler_4mo014swp_chandler_4mo015swp_chandler_4mo016

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