Hartwell Baby Photographer

Bender {newborn}

Anna & Chris welcomed baby Bender into the world on June 5, 2014!  I was so excited to be able to visit and take some sweet newborn photos!  I'm looking forward to capturing Bender's first year :-)  


Elodie {1 year}

I was so excited to hear from Jenni and Shannon!  I photographed their wedding at the Biltmore when Lucy was a baby, so 3 years ago, and I was hoping I'd get to meet and photograph their little one :-)  They met me in Athens at the Athens Regional Community Park for a one year session and a cake smash. pine_family001pine_family002pine_family003pine_family004pine_family005pine_family006pine_family007pine_family008pine_family009pine_family010pine_family011

Greer {1 year}

I'm so sad that Greer's baby bundle is over...  It's been so nice to get to know Heidi and play with Greer every couple of months!  Greer and Wren are just a couple of weeks apart and it's so cute to see the similarities in babies of the same age :-)  Both babies were born in January, which is NOT the best time of year to take 1 year old photos outdoors, so Heidi and I choose to wait until it was warmer and nicer out to take Greer's "1 year" photos.  And I'm so glad we did!  It was a PERFECT spring day in April and the light at Heidi's house was just amazing! humphries_1yr002humphries_1yr003humphries_1yr004humphries_1yr005humphries_1yr006humphries_1yr007humphries_1yr008humphries_1yr009humphries_1yr010humphries_1yr011humphries_1yr012humphries_1yr013humphries_1yr014

Heidi's hair and make-up was professionally done by Jennifer at Flawless Finish -- doesn't it look great?!  I highly recommend that everyone gets their hair and make-up done professionally (if at all possible) for your session.  I think it really makes you feel good and good hair and make-up should just enhance your beauty, not make you feel like a different person :-)