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Greer {1 year}

I'm so sad that Greer's baby bundle is over...  It's been so nice to get to know Heidi and play with Greer every couple of months!  Greer and Wren are just a couple of weeks apart and it's so cute to see the similarities in babies of the same age :-)  Both babies were born in January, which is NOT the best time of year to take 1 year old photos outdoors, so Heidi and I choose to wait until it was warmer and nicer out to take Greer's "1 year" photos.  And I'm so glad we did!  It was a PERFECT spring day in April and the light at Heidi's house was just amazing! humphries_1yr002humphries_1yr003humphries_1yr004humphries_1yr005humphries_1yr006humphries_1yr007humphries_1yr008humphries_1yr009humphries_1yr010humphries_1yr011humphries_1yr012humphries_1yr013humphries_1yr014

Heidi's hair and make-up was professionally done by Jennifer at Flawless Finish -- doesn't it look great?!  I highly recommend that everyone gets their hair and make-up done professionally (if at all possible) for your session.  I think it really makes you feel good and good hair and make-up should just enhance your beauty, not make you feel like a different person :-)

Life was CRAZY...

Hi Ya'll. Just as I thought I had things under control, things blogged into the future and a grip on my sessions, every member of my immediate family got sick.  Thankfully, I am well and have been well, but Jeremy got shingles, Henry got strep and Lucy and Wren got stomatitis (mouth sores and fever).  And poof, there went all my control, all my blogging, all my editing.  I brought my computer home to "work", but mainly I just stared it from my chair, wishing I could use it.

As of today, all the kids are well and Jeremy is slowly recovering.

I'm trying my darndest to keep a positive attitude about getting things done and prioritizing what's important, what my deadlines are and making sure that when I work, I work.  So, if you're a client, please know that I've not forgotten you and that I will blog, email or finish whatever it is you're waiting on.