State Botanical Gardens

Samuel + Co // 4 Month Baby Bundle Session // Botanical Gardens


Smith Family // Family Session // State Botanical Gardens

The Smiths and I go way back.  Christina first became a friend of my mom's when Cora (eldest daughter), was a baby and I remember sitting in my very first office (in Hartwell, circa 2003) doing computer work while Mom told me all about the most adorable baby named Cora.  Over the years, Christina and I became friends, too.  Jasper (eldest son) and Henry are about the same age and as our families have grown, we've managed to spend some quality time together.  

I am always so thrilled when my friends ask me to take photos for them.  It's just so much fun :-) 

We shot this session in April, long after everything turned green and looked like spring, but we had originially planned to shoot in late January, so everyone's clothes (that coordinated so well) had the look of winter and not spring, so I intentionally found spaces at the State Botanical Gardens that looked less springy and more wintery.  

Prickett Family

state botanical gardens family photos I was so, so glad to see this family again!  It's been a whole YEAR since we'd last gotten together for pictures.  It's just amazing to see how much a kid grows over the course of a year!  See a much smaller Harrison here.  Mary had read my post about trust (you can read it here) and made a wonderful effort not to worry about what Harrison was doing (or rather, NOT doing).  I know it's not easy when it feels like there is NO WAY we've gotten a picture for the Christmas Card!  But we did!

If you'd like to see Harrison grow, check out his baby bundle sessions here: Maternity, Newborn, 4 Month, 8 Month, 12 Month

Flannery + Agnus

state botanical gardens family photos If you were around for my last post, I talked about how much I love my long-time clients.  Well, Flannery is one of my very first clients :-)  Her momma hired me to shoot Flannery's 9 month photos 11 years ago and it's been so fun to watch the girls grow!

Our sessions are always filled with giggles and stories and a lot more chatting than photo-taking, but it's so much fun and I always end up with precious photos of each girl.  The sisters are quit different from each other and I think you can tell just looking at the photos!


Aurie, Josiah + co {family}

state botanical gardens family photos Do you know what an honor it is to be hired again and again by the same family?  It's such an honor.

I first met Brandy when she hired me to shoot some headshots for her as a new business owner back in 2008.  We hit it off and have been working together ever since.  I've had the pleasure of shooting Aurie's birth, her first year, Josiah's birth, his first year and many mini sessions, family sessions and birthday parties in between.  Every time I walk away from a session with them, I wish I could tell my new clients how important it is to build a relationship with your photographer.  Learn to trust that the person behind the camera has your back and wants nothing more than to make sure you look good, happy and put together.  If you truly trust your photographer, than your job in front of the camera is to quit worrying about how your kids are acting, how you look and if this photo session will work out.  Because, with trust in your photographer, things will work out.  The session won't be stressful at all, if all you have to do is sit comfortably in the arms of your loved ones and smile because you're happy.  Because you know that even if you don't quite understand how your photographer is going to get adorable images of your kids as they chatter non-stop and ask crazy things, it happens every time.  And most of the time the images you pick to represent your family for years to come aren't the ones that you set out to take.  It's the images of the in-between moments and the smile that comes when your kid asks a silly question and then laughs at themselves.

I want to be your family photographer.  I want to be the person you trust to document your family as they are; comfortably loved and happy.  What you look like to your loved ones is what you need to look like in front of my camera.  Don't let photography become something you dread.  Hire someone that you know you can trust to document your family and quit dreading it.  All of my longtime clients no longer stress about a session or make the whole thing into a big deal.  They show up happy, comfortable and ready to hang-out.  And I take photos of my friends.  Its the best.