Megan {bridals}

Oh, what a gorgeous woman, Megan is!  We had the best time with this session and I've been DYING to show it off!  Megan got married last weekend, so I'm now allowed to show everyone her bridal session. saggus_bridal003saggus_bridal004saggus_bridal005saggus_bridal006saggus_bridal007saggus_bridal008saggus_bridal009saggus_bridal010saggus_bridal011saggus_bridal012saggus_bridal013saggus_bridal014saggus_bridal015saggus_bridal016saggus_bridal017saggus_bridal018saggus_bridal019saggus_bridal020saggus_bridal021

These were shot in Lincolnton, GA where Megan lives.  Bouquet, headpiece and lovely chair were designed and provided by Ever Thine Vintage + Event Design.

Bridal Session?

When I meet with wedding clients, I always ask if they would like an engagement session or a bridal session.  Most everyone quickly says "yes!" to an engagement session and frowns and asks me what a bridal session is.  Bridal sessions used to be something that every bride did.  They got dressed, had their hair & make-up done, ordered flowers and showed up at a professional photographer's studio for their bridal portrait.  They would then display their canvas or large framed print at the wedding reception so that their guests could see their dress and admire their beauty without the bride standing in front of them.  Then, usually, the parents-of-the-bride would hang the finished portrait in their home after the wedding. When I began in the business 11 years ago, everyone was still getting a bridal session, but they were breaking the rules and shooting them outside!  Can you believe it?  They were taking the chance of getting "something" on their dresses!  NO!!  As the years past, I noticed a trend in shooting less bridal sessions.  Brides felt uncomfortable with the thought of having a whole session dedicated to just themselves.

Today, I think bridal sessions are back.  I think they're great fun and a great learning experience for a bride to have a session all by herself.  It gives her the opportunity to see how well her dress fits, how quickly she can move, works the kinks out of shoes and under-garments and gives you an idea of how much you'll like your hair & make-up in photos.  It's great practice and it's a ton of fun!

I had the honor of photographing one of my June brides last weekend and we had a ball!  I wish I could share the whole session, but we want to keep things under wraps until after her wedding, but here's a awesome shot of her bouquet, made by Ever Thine Vintage Rentals + Event Design.  



Mollie {bridals}

For years, when I was first shooting, bridal portraits were very popular.  Most mother-of-the-bride's wanted a portrait to hang in the house and one to put at the reception.  We would schedule a session a few months before the big day, the bride would get all dressed up, do her hair and make-up and we'd shoot for an hour or so.  Then, all of the sudden, no one wanted a bridal session.  I'm not really sure what changed their minds; maybe money?  Maybe someone's friend didn't have one, maybe it was just the brides I was working with. But, lately I've been shooting them with about 1/2 of the weddings I book.  And they are SO much fun!  I also encourage them because a bridal session is a great way to do a trial run in your dress.  You can sorta get an idea about how well your dress fits, how uncomfortable your shoes are, if your flowers are too heavy or maybe you think you'll love your hair up, then you see photos and decide you'd rather wear your hair down...

Mollie  decided to wear her hair down on her wedding day after seeing her bridal session photos.  See her wedding photos here.  Both ways is beautiful, if you ask me!!  Take a peek :-)

mallory. {bridals}

I don't get the pleasure of shooting bridal sessions very often, so I was super excited when Mallory wanted to have one [a bridal session].  We got up at the crack of dawn to get ready and meet at the soroity house that Mallory lived in for a year while at school at UGA.  The house is awesome and Mallory was just gorgeous! 

Here you go, Mallory!  A sneak peek: