Photography Class Update!

saraloganworkshop photos Logan and I will be teaching another round of photography classes!!  All hosted at Broad 9A, in Athens.

This class will be all about how a camera works, what settings you should use and how to use them.  Learn how to shoot in Manual Mode, which is the foundation of great photos!  In order to get the most out of this class, you will need to have a DSLR camera.

When: February 10 - March 3, Thursday evenings

Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Broad 9A, Athens GA (160 Tracy Street)

Cost: $225

To registar for this class, just email me!  sarawisephotography[at]gmail.com

I hope you can join us!!

saraloganworkshop photos


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Anna + Jason {anniversary}

I love this idea and hope others will join Anna + Jason in celebrating their anniversaries with a photo session.  We had so much fun wandering about, shooting and chatting :-) Happy 10th Anniversary to Anna + Jason!

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Session Availability!

Hello, hello! I am so very thankful that spring as arrived!  The kids can go outside and I can go back to shooting!!  I have a pretty full calendar, but I wanted to let you all know that I have a couple of openings on the following dates:

Regular Sessions:  Friday, March 27th - 5:30pm  |  Saturday, March 28th - 10am, 1pm  |  Sunday, March 29th - 10am

Saturday, April 11th - I have both regular sessions and mini session available.  Just call or email and I'll give you more info!