Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Frames, Bella Style

About 6 months ago, I decided to add custom framing to my product line-up.  If I were to choose one type of wall art for  my home, the very first thing I would choose to display my own photos in (or on) would be a frame.  Matted or un-matted, I just think that frames are such a nice, clean way of displaying your photos.  These lovely images are hanging up in my office and I really love seeing them every time I walk in. bella_frames009bella_frames010bella_frames011

This is the Bella line, in gold.  Also available in silver and black.  This wall collection is sold as a set and costs $835.00 with mounted prints.

Product Spotlight: Standouts

A popular option for getting your images on your walls and off your computer, is to have them printed as Standouts.  A standout is very lightweight and easy to hang or stand.  It is displayed frameless, as it looks below.  Easily hang on the wall, lean on a shelve or sit on a dresser!  Always printed on pearl paper.  Sizes range from 8x10 to 20x30! productphotos012productphotos013

Prices start at $85.00

Product Spotlight: Signature Ablums

These lovely, lovely albums have been a long time in the making.  The company that I purchase them from (Miller's Lab), has put together all the best aspects of all the albums available out there and made a really, really lovely book.  I've tried many, many albums and books throughout my 11 years in the business and this product hits all the high spots.

  • Thin (but not too thin) pages
  • A REAL leather or silk cover
  • Smooth, lovely-to-touch paper
  • Traditional square sizes AND
  • Unique horizontal sizes
  • Holds lots of pages and a ton of photos
  • Quick turnaround time (less than a week!)

If I was getting married today (and not 10 years ago!) I would totally choose this album for my wedding photos!  In fact, Jeremy was teasing me about putting our wedding photos into one of these books the other day.  He was helping me photograph them and admiring them, then asked if I could please put our wedding photos into one of them!  They are just so, so pretty!












Albums are not included in the base cost of wedding day photography.  Albums start at $540.00.